Start the fire: Tips for the barbecue

23 May 2016 Beka Today | Cooking | Tips & Tricks Start the fire: Tips for the barbecue

Do you want to get the whole neighbourhood salivating thanks to the mouth-watering delicious, spicy aromas wafting over from your garden? With our tips, you’ll be fully prepared for the new barbecue season!

Grilling brings out the best ingredients. Whether it’s on a skillet, a stone grill or on the barbecue. In the summer you want to enjoy the fresh air of the great outdoors as much as possible, so you can’t dust off that barbecue fast enough!

Check the equipment closely for any dirt residue. Grease catches fire very easily.

Before lighting your barbecue, lay out your most important equipment: A pair of tongs, oven gloves and, you never know, a bucket of water.

A traditional barbecue needs around a hour to get up to temperature. So start in good time. Otherwise your guests may have a long and hungry wait, or they’ll soon polish off those chips.

Marinade your veggies in oil and spices about two hours beforehand. That way you’ll stop them from drying out.

During a barbecue, food products can lie around soaking for hours in their own juices and at warm temperatures. That’s not exactly appetising, and it can also lead to all kinds of nasties after a great afternoon. Only take the meat and fish out of the fridge when you actually need it. Or put them in a cooler box. For side dishes too, like salads, it certainly won’t do any harm to put them on a dish with cooler blocks underneath.

Place the grill at least 10 cm from the food. That way you’ll avoid burning the steak or brochette.

Barbecuing doesn’t require much fat. And whatever happens, the oil must be heat resistant. So no extra virgin olive oil. You can use peanut or coconut oil.

Looking to grill fish on the same grate as the one you used for meat or vice versa? Then rub it down with half a lemon. That’s how to avoid the one tasting of the other.

And what to do if the weather turns bad? No worries! Then Beka Cookware has the perfect stone grill for you. You can grill just about anything on it: fish, meat, hamburgers, veggies and even bread. It is a traditional stone grill that consists of a marble slab and two burners.

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