All the BEKA products that carry the Eco-logic by BEKA label.

We at Beka believe cooking is not about eating, it is about living healthy and family and close friends sharing valuable time in the kitchen together. It has always been our intention to deliver the best cookware and accessories to enhance those experiences through innovation, technology and style.

The Eco-logic by Beka philosophy is not just about non-stick coating... it is about the total environment of saving energy, efficiency and time. This is the message Beka believes strongly in when developing our products, with our employees and the processes we manufacture our products within our factories.

The environment is a precious commodity, one we are all striving to maintain. The introduction of non-PFOA & non-PTFE coatings and green processes is a step in that direction. All of our products that contribute to a better and cleaner environment are recognizable by the green Eco-logic by Beka logo. The logo consists of the earth and a green tree, thus symbolizing our concern for both the environment and people around the world: our factory workers, our employees and you, our customer.