Forza non-stick fry pan

Forged aluminium


A frying range in forged aluminium with a comfortable black stay-cool, soft-touch handle. Trendy colour combination of black outside coating and creamy eco-healthy, ceramic coating inside.

Healthy cooking - Energie efficient - Durable.

Diameter Reference Volume
20 13437204
24 13437244
26 13437264
28 13437284
Gas - 
	Your cookware is suitable for gas cookers Electric - 
	Your cookware is suitable for electric cookers Ceramic - 
	Your cookware is suitable for ceramic/halogen cookers. Induction - 
	Your cookware is suitable for induction cookers. Food safe -

Warranty years: 3

  • non-stick coating 3

    The non-stick coating is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase, provided it is used as per the use and care instructions.

  • free repair parts

    This means they will be repaired free of charge or replaced if any item is found to be defective due to faulty materials and/or manufacture, during household use.

  • not covered

    This guarantee does not cover defects caused by negligence, abuse, commercial use and/or normal wear and tear.

  • Forged aluminium

    Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat - 14 times better than stainless steel! Forged aluminium is even thicker and stronger than regular aluminium. It heats up very fast and evenly, thus allowing one to fry faster and to obtain a better cooking performance with less energy.

Bekadur Ceramica

Bekadur Ceramica

Non-stick ceramic coating: Friendly for the environment and your health. PFOA- and PTFE-free. Ideal for searing a steak or other red meats. Easy maintenance.

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