Product in the spotlight: Chef Pratique

18 Mai 2016 Product in the spotlight: Chef Pratique

For a steaming plate of spaghetti or to prepare mussels, you need a big but also good quality pot: one that you can lift with no effort at all and that is sparing when it comes to energy consumption. Meet Beka Cookware’s Chef Pratique! 

Beka Cookware’s Chef range is a dream for those who love beautiful kitchen equipment: it has an exquisite design and is ergonomically sophisticated. One of the showpieces in the range is Chef Pratique.


This pot’s distinctive detail is its glass lid. The sieving holes on either side that come in two sizes and its spout make it easy to pour off the liquid. So you don’t need a colander!


Does you recipe require precise proportions when it comes to the ingredients? No problem: You can read quantities perfectly using the volume measurements in the pot.


A pot of water can be rather heavy. Whether it’s pasta water that you’re looking to pour off or mussels that you want to prepare: Ergonomic handles guarantee that you can lift the pot safely.


Using as little energy as possible, cooking the food as quickly as possible: that is what the encapsulated sandwich base does. This type of bottom comprises two layers of stainless steel with two layers of stainless steel in between. That’s how to get the best heat conduction and distribution.


Can’t wait to get stuck in with Beka Cookware’s Chef Pratique? You’ll find out about all the details of this product here.


It wouldn’t be complete without a recipe. How about a simple spaghetti with mussels? Don’t have the time to prepare mussels? Then here’s another great recipe: pasta pesto, ideal if speed is of the essence!


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