Titan: Cooking pleasure with a life-long guarantee

12 Janvier 2015 Beka Today | Cooking | Tips & Tricks Titan: Cooking pleasure with a life-long guarantee

As a beginner chef, you may have been happy with any old non-stick coating, but by now you’ll be a bit more demanding. You’re absolutely right! The TITAN range of Beka Cookware meets your criteria perfectly. Moreover we offer a lifelong guarantee! 

In addition to frying pans, the TITAN range has sauté pans and a cooking pot. All these products are made out of forged aluminium. Which means you are sure to get perfect heat conduction.


Frying pans have a tough life. Fortunately TITAN lives up to its name: A strong handle made out of cast stainless steel and attached with rivets means these pans can withstand a bit of rough and tumble.


Typical for TITAN is its Bekadur Dualforce non-stick coating: Beka Cookware’s exclusive invention.


  • It consists of 3 layers which are reinforced with ceramic particles. So it offers more resistance to wear and tear.
  • The non-stick coating is PFOA-free.
  • The production process is people and environmentally friendly.
  • It requires less grease, which means low-calorie cooking!


Would you like to know all about the frying pans and the new cooking pot and sauté pans from the TITAN range? Have a look at the specifications here


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