25 min   4 portions     difficulty

Devil sauce


Step 1

Clean the shallots and chop them

Step 2

Boil the white wine and the vinegar down with the shallots and the flattened pepper-corns

Step 3

Moisturize with the demi-glace sauce

Step 4

Let it boil slightly for 10min

Step 5

Pass the sauce through a strainer and season with salt and pepper

Step 6

Finish the sauce with the chopped fine herbs


  • 80 g shallots
  • 20 gr flattened pepper-corns
  • 8 cl vinegar
  • 8 cl white wine
  • 2 dl demi-glace sauce demi-glace sauce is a classic French sauce, which is used a lot as base for other sauces. It is available in the supermarket
  • 50 g fine herbs parsley, chervill, tarragon, chives

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