15 min   6 portions   difficulty

Meat fondue


Step 1

Meat balls: for 40 meat balls, mix 500g of minced meat with a small finely chopped onion, 1 egg, salt and pepper. Then make 40 small balls and finally roll them in some flour. Spear the pieces with a fondue fork before dipping them in the fondue oil. Besides the meat, Fondue also requires some tasty side dishes, such as raw or slightly cooked vegetables, a tasteful salad and french fries or some bread. But most importantly the Fondue needs dipping sauces. Example for a dipping sauce: mix 1 dl of mayonnaise with ½ dl of sour cream, ½ spoon of chopped parsley, 1 spoon of chopped chives, ½ spoon of chopped mint and season with some salt and pepper.


  • You should count 1500 g of meat. You can make a mixture of simple meat dices (beef, pork, chicken, turkey,…) and tasty meatballs. All you need to do is cut the meat into dices of ± 1 ½ cm thick. For an even better taste you can marinate the meat. For meat balls, you can use any minced meat (beef, pork,…).

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