Tetsubin tea kettle

Cast iron



Inspired by the traditional Japanese tea kettle, this Tetsubin represents the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and material. The design is unique and protected and makes your tea ritual a moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

• Including stainless steel tea strainer with fine holes: finely cut loose tea leaves cannot escape. The basket offers sufficient space for the leaves to circulate so that the tea can steep quickly and obtains its ideal taste.

• The cleverly designed pouring spout prevents leakage when pouring.

• The extra-wide base makes it allows you to use the Tetsubin on all types of hobs (including induction). The water can therefore be heated over a low to medium heat, and then the tea can be added.

• The aroma of fresh tea is subtly dispersed through the small steam hole in the lid.

• By cleverly combining materials such as cast iron (pot) and porcelain (lid), heat loss is reduced to a minimum. Your tea will stay hot for a long time.

• The handle is fully foldable and rests in the tea kettle itself. This makes storage neat and efficient.

• With a capacity of 1 litre, there is sufficient water for 4 cups of tea.

Diameter Reference Volume
16 16400144 1
Cast iron - Cast iron has the great advantage of retaining heat very well.

Always gently heat up the casserole and use on low to medium heat to obtain the best cooking result. Electric - 
	Your cookware is suitable for electric cookers Gas - 
	Your cookware is suitable for gas cookers Ceramic - 
	Your cookware is suitable for ceramic/halogen cookers. Induction - 
	Your cookware is suitable for induction cookers.

Warranty years: 5

  • Cast iron

    Cast iron: heavy, extremely durable and heat-retaining, ideal for woks, tajines and the traditional cuisine.

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