Tri-Lux conical saucepan

Tri-Lux - Tri-ply

Professional, energy efficient and sustainable. A saucepan for the culinary chef who likes to save time and energy while cooking. The tri-ply material heats up very fast and maintains the heat longer

Diameter Reference Volume
18 13410184
20 13410204
Inner capacity marks - Stainless steel - Gas - 
	Your cookware is suitable for gas cookers Electric - 
	Your cookware is suitable for electric cookers Ceramic - 
	Your cookware is suitable for ceramic/halogen cookers. Induction - 
	Your cookware is suitable for induction cookers. Dishwasher safe - Oven safe - Food safe -

Warranty years: 25

  • inox 25

    The inox parts of your Beka cookware are guaranteed for 25 years from the date of purchase, provided it is used as per the use and care instructions.

  • free repair parts

    This means they will be repaired free of charge or replaced if any item is found to be defective due to faulty materials and/or manufacture, during household use.

  • not covered

    This guarantee does not cover defects caused by negligence, abuse, commercial use and/or normal wear and tear.

  • Tri-ply

    Multi-ply material is a combination of different materials. This results in the optimal use of the benefits of certain materials. A 3-ply series, for example, consists of copper or aluminium between two layers of stainless steel. The end result is a cooking item that enjoys the optimum heat conduction of aluminium or copper, together with the elegant look and the ease of use of stainless steel.

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