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Complete your pot or pan by adding a matching lid. Match not only the diameter of your pot with that of the lid but also the style. Just like pots and pans, BEKA lids are available in all sizes and materials.

Glass lids with a silicone edge or a stainless steel lid? With a heat-resistant knob made of bakelite or a handle made of stainless steel? Preferably with a steam vent or steam slot? At BEKA Cookware, you'll find it all!

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Pan lids: preserve flavors and cook more efficiently

Cooking is an activity that recurs almost daily. Ideally, you want to cook as efficiently as possible, which is why good lids for your pans are essential. Do you have pans at home but lack several cooking pan lids for your set? In our kitchen store, you'll find quality cooking lids for all your pans. Are you coming to shop with us soon?

Why use a lid on your pan?

Good lids help you cook more energy-efficiently. Tight-fitting lids retain heat well, so you consume less gas or electricity. Beneficial for your energy bill.

Additionally, lids for frying pans are beneficial for preserving flavors in your food. Do you like to closely monitor the cooking or preparation process? Transparent pan lids are the best way to do this!

Beka Stainless steel lid deksel couvercle

What makes a good pan lid?

Silicon lid universal multiple diameters

Need a lid for your pan? Opt for a snug-fitting lid to prevent splatters and keep your cooktop clean. Also, pay attention to the correct diameter. Therefore, determine the desired size of a lid in advance by measuring the diameter of the top of your pan.

What are the benefits of glass pan lids? 

Glass lids are a fantastic way to monitor the cooking process. At our store, for example, you can order a 32 cm glass lid. When you buy a glass pan lid from us, you always choose a durable glass lid with a stainless steel edge and knob.

What to consider when buying lids? 

Are you looking for frying pan covers or regular lids? Read our tips and considerations for finding the perfect pan lid:

  • Always order a fitting lid; therefore, carefully select based on diameter.
  • Decide in advance whether you prefer a glass or stainless steel lid.
  • Opt for cooking lids with a steam vent to prevent boiling over, resulting in water spots and a dirty cooktop.
  • A stainless steel lid is lighter in weight, but a glass lid is ideal for monitoring the cooking process. What do you find more important?

Where to buy pan lids

Need new lids for your pans? In our online shop, you can buy a pan lid 28 cm, 30 cm pan lid or a smaller sauce pan lid, for example. A pan lid is equipped with a steam vent to prevent boiling over and dancing of the lid.

Beka Cicla lid

The lids you order from us are also suitable for use in the oven. Additionally, you can easily put them in the dishwasher. Has your 30 cm glass lid recently shattered? Don't worry, as we have a new 30 cm glass frying pan lids in our assortment for you!