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Best-in-class stainless steel pans

Combining professional quality with stylish design: the new Maestro stainless steel frying pans are made of 5-ply construction to meet the needs of the most demanding chefs. Discover how this high-quality stainless steel pan will take your cooking skills to the next level!

Best-in-class stainless steel pans


The popular high-quality Maestro collection is all about "optimal performance for every functional requirement". This extensive multi-material range has been designed with the greatest care and technical ingenuity, so that you can be sure that you will find the right cookware for every dish.

The exclusive Belgian design makes this collection unique. The Maestro range takes the experience of cooking to the next level, thanks to its streamlined design, clean lines, stylish handles and contemporary shapes.

Although the Maestro series is an established part of our Beka range, the coveted collection continues to renew and expand. Cooking habits and preferences evolve, and so does the Maestro range. This stylish range of cookware is therefore regularly supplemented with new products in all kinds of sizes, shapes or materials.

maestro collection
multilayered frying experience



You may already know, but the best pan for searing meat, for caramelizing and for achieving crispy and golden browning is a stainless steel pan. Beka offers numerous of these frying pans through various collections. But for the Maestro collection, we went the extra mile for the chefs who want the very best: we developed this new multiply frying pan.

The high-quality construction of this pan, with 3 layers of aluminium pressed between 2 layers of high-quality stainless steel is called a 5-ply composition. This has numerous advantages. The heat conduction is of a high level, so that every surface has an excellent, even temperature. In addition, the heat is distributed faster and retained longer. This also makes it an energy-efficient way of cooking.



I can hear you think: what makes this pan so different from other stainless steel pans? Well, the new Maestro stainless steel pans are constructed from superior 316 material instead of the standard 304. We don't want to get too technical, but 316 stainless steel contains 2% of molybdenum, making it considerably more resistant to corrosion and also provides greater resistance to acids.

Simply put: these multiply pans are a high-end version of stainless steel cookware. Moreover, this composition is very high in terms of durability. Only advantages and a very good investment for your kitchen!

composition maestro multiply frying pan


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