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Enjoy all the benefits of cast iron with Nori specialty cookware

Anyone who thinks that cast iron is only good for cocottes or fondue sets will be surprised at how easy it is to use these new BEKA Nori essentials.

Enjoy all the benefits of cast iron with Nori specialty cookware

Cast iron has many advantages which can be put to excellent use in many different cooking situations. The fact that the durability, heat conduction and heat retention of this material scores so well in cookware such as Dutch ovens, grill pans or fondue sets has already been demonstrated by the success of the stylish Nori series. And now, you can discover for yourself how cast iron is also a superior choice for other applications by exploring the latest additions to the Nori range:


Slow cooking with a cast iron tagine

This gorgeous tagine is the epitome of the pleasure of slow cooking with cast iron. The pan cooks the food evenly thanks to the excellent heat conduction of the material. While the conical lid retains the heat and ensures excellent condensation of the cooking liquid. This means the food is continuously basted, resulting in deliciously tender and aromatic dishes.

And just like the other cast iron cookware in the BEKA Nori collection, this tagine is oven-safe, easy to clean and can be used with metal utensils. Win-win-win!

The tagine’s durable material is not the only thing that makes it unique. Unlike most classic tagines, the Nori version has sturdy handles for safe transfer from the cooker to the table.

BEKA Nori Tagine

A little tip: Thanks to the handles, you can also use this tagine as a sauté pan simply by not using the lid. Perfect for preparing a vegetarian shakshuka or a tasty steak with crunchy vegetables.


BEKA Nori Wok


Cast iron woks for the most flavourful stir-fry dishes

For stir-fry aficionados, a cast iron wok is certainly worth considering. When preheated, this type of wok reaches higher temperatures than any non-stick pan. What’s more, the flat bottom, the heavier material and the two handles ensure that this wok stands extra firmly on your cooker, without the risk of slipping. Three features that make stir-frying even easier.


A must-have for fans of oven dishes — a deep, cast iron oven roaster

There is no doubt that cast iron is the material of choice when it comes to heat distribution and heat retention. So, it only makes sense that a cast iron baking dish is a must-have for your kitchen. After serving, the oven roaster retains its heat longer than oven roaster made of stainless steel, glass or enamel, allowing you to serve everyone a second helping that is still warm. This oven dish also has two handles for easy handling.

On top of that, this model is also very deep. The extra centimetres of depth are ideal for preparing casseroles with several layers, such as shepherd’s pie or homemade lasagne. Nothing but benefits, in other words 😉

BEKA Nori oven roaster
BEKA Nori Grips


Indispensable kitchen accessory—stylish leather grips

These are the perfect addition to your Nori collection and can absolutely be used with all your other cookware, too! These heat-resistant grips are made of high-quality, recycled leather. Comfortable to use with a timeless design. Thanks to the improved grip design, you can carry all your hot pots and pans from the oven or hob to the table with ease.

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