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Hybrid grilling: a new summer tune

This year, your average barbecue party comes with an upgrade: enter hybrid grilling.

Hybrid grilling: a new summer tune

A new trend that adds heat-resistant pots and pans to your barbecue routine. Or better: on your barbecue routine. Because hybrid grilling is all about being able to use your grill even better, spend less time in the kitchen and more time outdoors with your party. We listed some of the fun facts about the new hybrid grilling hype.


beka nomad grillpan bbq


Never on the loose again

Despite its name, using a Nomad Grill pan on your barbecue will actually help you keep your food together and on one spot, all while still guaranteeing those delicious and easy on the eye grill marks. So, if you were planning on preparing scallops, mushrooms, prawns, or other fiddly ingredients that tend to escape, fall and disappear into the flames, but were dreading the frustration afore mentioned might provoke? Then give Nomad a go. You can thank us later.

Pro tip: Place your Nomad Grill pan with delicate ingredients always on the side of the fire. This is because of the carbon steel nature of the pan, and the fragility of the food.


Smooth criminal


Although fish and barbecue are a great combination, the preparation itself is not always that easy. Sure, you can use a fish grill, but unless you’re preparing a whole fish (skin included) the direct heat onto a lean fillet will be too harsh. If you were to use the Mandala pan, you could benefit from its unique heat-distributing structure and non-stick coating. The supreme quality of the pan keeps the performance of the ceramic coating intact when using it over the smoldering coals. You’ll have a nice caramelized piece of fish with a lovely smoky barbecue flavour.

beka mandala fryingpan bbq
beka nori dutchoven oval


Dutch summer


Whoever thought the Dutch can’t stand the heat, never tried to put one on the grill. At least, a Dutch oven. Often used to make hot, stewy winter meals, they adapt very well to summer as well. True to its authentic roots, a Dutch oven on the barbecue is perfect to prepare a classic dish of pulled beef. By roasting the meat directly on the grill first, for approximately 2 hours, and then letting it simmer in the Dutch oven for another 3 hours, you can speed up the cooking process of pulled beef or pork from 11-16 hours to just 5. What a win! And rest assured, the tenderness of your meat will yield gold as well.



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