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Which chef’s tools suit you? Find out what your cooking personality is like!

Structured like peas in a pod, fierce like scorching hot chilli or adventurous and edgy like fugu? BEKA helps you unravel your inner cook, pairs you up with proper tools, and lets your culinary alter-ego take centre stage. Take the test and unveil your cooking personality. Read along and have a first nibble of which goodies BEKA might have in store for you.

Which chef’s tools suit you? Find out what your cooking personality is like!

For organized kitchen bees

Do you like to work methodically? Do you prefer layered recipes and dishes that can be built up like a delicate beehive? The right kitchen tools get you buzzing through your carefully elaborated mise-en-place and save you precious time cleaning up afterwards.

Laura, a young working mom from a family of 4, finds solace in the tajine: “It was a bit challenging at first to dive into such an exotic recipe, but I absolutely love how I can work systematically and clean up the kitchen while the dish simmers along”.

Sounds like the perfect approach? Shake your little wings and hum towards the BEKA Product Wizard to discover which kitchen supplies will make you fly high.

For soulful daredevils

Are you the-kitchen-is-my-playground type of cook? Do you consider cooking as a way of expressing yourself? If goofing around and diving into new cuisines is your thing, then you need high performance and innovative buddies along your trip through Tasteland.

Like Max, a Brussels based graphic designer, meet the newest kitchen rebels via the BEKA Product Wizard. Max loves exploring his creative self on and off the screen, “Similar to when I’m designing, I need to trust my tools blindly. The Mandala frying pan delivers just that: equally powerful and efficient results as I get from my work gear.”

For cosy traditionalists

To round up, let’s not forget those longing for comforting and heart-warming dishes. Take Christian for example, a classically trained cook who knows how to produce a crowd-pleaser and make us reminisce about our childhood and our parent’s cooking.

“My children always ask for the classics”, Christian says. “They cook very well themselves, but between all the quinoa and halloumi, they long for a tasty chicken with a rich sauce”.

Do you recognize yourself in this no-nonsense yet cosy style, then perhaps the BEKA Product Wizard might suggest you ea. a handy skillet, easy to cook those indispensable, finger-licking sauces that go hand in hand with your familiar dishes.

Are you hungry to find out more kitchen characters and see how this culinary self-reflection can ease (or spice up) your cooking routine? Take the quiz online and discover which cookware is made to support the way you cook.