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Asparagus, winner of local and seasonal fine dining

The secret of the world’s most renowned chefs is easy: keep it local and serve the season.
Asperge, de ster van lokale en seizoensgebonden gastronomie
Play it smart – and yummy – by following this on trend rule. No watery tomatoes in winter, no dragged-out root vegetables in summer. A good test case is Maytime’s champion: the asparagus. Whether white, green or purple, these tasty spring sprouts will deliver their A game (asparagus game, anyone?) on your plate!


Asparagus have been around for a long time and pretty much all over the globe. They go back as far as the ancient Egyptians and the Romans. Nowadays they are still being grown worldwide, from China to Peru and everywhere in between. So, there is always a locally produced variant close to you – they might differ in colour: white, green or purple. And although they are pretty all-round, serve them by their strengths, whether that’s grilling, steaming or frying.

By buying your food locally, you’re doing Mother Earth a big favour. Skipping heavy polluting cargo boats or planes has a major impact on the environment. You’re also boosting the local economy by supporting your neighbouring farmers. Double win!


Close to the ecological trend of buying local, is the seasonal one. By choosing seasonal vegetables you buy them at their top flavour and their best budget. So run off to your grocery shop or farmer and bedazzle your family or guests with the luxurious flavour of fresh asparagus. Be quick, cause the asparagus season is short: it starts in early spring around March/April and is over by June. So, in this case the early bird definitely catches the worm! Or the asparagus for that matter.