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Beat the heat

Some might say that if you can’t stand the heat, you should get out of the kitchen. At Beka we are not the ones who give up that easily. We believe in perseverance, backed up with smart cooking solutions and clever tools to cool down.
Beat the heat: hoe trotseer je de hitte in de keuken

To get you through these hot months, we present you our freshest innovations and tingling kitchen hacks that’ll make you beat the heat. Put on your goggles and dive into summer with these time saving techniques.

Fight fire with fire

Have you ever wondered why cultures in hot climates drink so much tea? Scientist from renowned universities such as Cambridge have done research on the matter. They discovered that when one drinks a hot beverage, nerves in the mouth and upper digestive system will send signals to the brain to start producing sweat in order to reduce the inner body temperature. As the sweat evaporates from the skin, one will notice the difference in skin temperature and will start to feel cooler. Give the eye something crisp and fresh too with the Junna tea kettle in Ocean Blue.

 Théière Junna

How to eat yourself cool

Key during these hot times is to avoid overcharging the body. This includes not only drinking enough, staying out of the sun and minimizing physical activity, it also means eating light food. Since the body produces heat when digesting – a process called thermogenesis – it’s wise to stick to easy digestible dishes such as vegetables and fish. Preparing a full fish in a non-stick pan is super easy with a maximum Mediterranean effect. Little cooking fat is needed and by choosing a cast aluminium fish pan that heats up super quickly, you reduce your time (and sweat) in the kitchen.

Power to the tower

If you’re feeling reluctant to spending too much time in the kitchen and sweating behind the stove, steaming is your friend. With a steamer insert you can stack your whole dish on one fire and cook it all at the same time. Place the steamer with vegetables and/or fish above a pot with boiling water & rice and just sit back and relax until your set timer goes off. By choosing a clever steamer insert that fits 3 different diameters (16, 18 and 20 cm) you’re not only saving time, but also space in the kitchen.

 cuit vapeur dans la chaleur

Feel the bass

Longing for a good home party with a serious beat? Bring out the mortar and pestle and stomp away! Just flip in some fresh herbs and sprinkle this upgrade over your salad. Definitely the easiest and laziest way to touch up a plain dish. Keep it slothful with a herb or spice blend, or put in a tiny bit of extra effort by adding oil and other ingredients for a delicious pesto or dip.

One pot easiness

The ultimate kitchen hack is of course cooking with a wok pan. For an unexpected evening with friends or a quick meal after a heavy day of working in the summer heat, wok your way through it. Preparing the perfect wok dish requires a strong fire, so make sure your wok pan can resist high temperatures. Avoid nasty chemicals such as PFAS in poor quality non-stick coating surfaces and opt for a pan with a natural non-stick layer created by seasoning and multiple use. Clean out your fridge by tossing all leftover vegetables in the wok or welcome the tropics into your home with a quick 10-minute coconut curry.

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