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BEKA's detox tips for a sparkling New Year

The holidays are now behind us and life is getting back to normal. Back to reality - that's how it feels. It doesn't have to be a weekly hot bath with classical music, but a more thoughtful approach to your cooking organization also makes the reality for 2024 a lot more pleasant. Read our tricks for optimal (cooking) enjoyment below.


Even if it only makes one evening shift less hectic, meal prep is worthwhile. By planning your meals well and preparing a few things in advance, you can give yourself some breathing space. Half an hour's exercise, reading a story to the children, taking time for a chat, etc. By saving some time with cooking, there is room for relaxation.
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Steam cooking has endless advantages over classic cooking techniques: healthier, more flavor, less washing up, etc. but don't forget the most important one: efficiency. Place the ingredients in the steam insert, let the water boil, and the steam does the work. Extra healthy, extra easy: win-win right?

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Drinking enough water has numerous benefits for your entire body. But tea herbs also have their own health benefits. Chamomile, for instance, is ideal before bed, green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and rosehip has a lot of vitamin C. You want to relax in company or feel like drinking several cups of tea? Then get the most out of your tea blend by preparing it in a teapot instead of dropping tea bags in your mug. The stainless steel strainer of our tea pots gives loose tea herbs or leaves sufficient space to release their flavors and aromas. Moreover, cast iron tea kettles stay hot for a long time, so you don't have to fire up the kettle every time you want a refill. More tea, more flavor, longer enjoyment and good for your health. Sounds like good self-care, doesn't it?

BEKA's detox tips voor een sprankelend nieuw jaar

New Year's resolutions? Whether you join in or not, with a few little tricks you can make 2024 even brighter. Sprucing up your kitchen habits will help you live a more relaxed life. Find simple detox tips from us for you in 2024 here.

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