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Early spring veggies for long lasting tasty memories

Spring is finally upon us and is spoiling us with its finest goodies: succulent early vegetables such as young carrots, crispy cucumbers, lettuce, bright green peas, courgettes, and plenty more.
Vroege lentegroenten voor smakelijke herinneringen
Give them a warm welcome in your kitchen by treating them like green royalty in the finest selection of pots and pans. High-quality utensils that celebrate the cooking party and create long-lasting tasty food memories.


Crispy, tender, flavoured and moist, anything battered with a golden crust tastes like heaven. And tempura must be its fallen angel. Probably one of the best inventions of Japanese cuisine, this batter-coated finger food is a great way to kick off any delicious meal and is a quick and fun fix: just mix flower with some corn starch, whish up with some sparkling water and dip your vegetable sticks in it. For extra crunch add panko crumbs. Use a high edged skillet or pan to deep fry the tempura nibbles.


For a tasty weekend lunch with the family or a weekday supper with friends, cauliflower is your trusted friend. A gentle partner in crime that gives a dish extra finesse without being overpowering and that can easily carry the more outspoken flavour of asparagus in this fresh spring salad: gentlysteamor blanch the cauliflower florets and bits of asparagus. While at it, start cooking your grains – such as wheat berries or farro – and start baking the vegetables as soon as they’re done parboiling. When ready, toss all the above together, mix in some cuts of fresh roman salad, crunchy baked bits of chorizo and walnuts, and top off with a honey vinaigrette. Sweet, delicious, easy and fun. Just as spring should be.