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Eat your way to la dolce vita with Maestro

Follow our travel guide where Mediterranean meals master the craft of dolce far niente with our Maestro collection.
Met Maestro op weg naar de smaken van La Dolce Vita
If summer bodies are made in winter, then winter bodies must be fed in summer!
What better way to enjoy the sweet taste of summer than nibble your way through the day? Whether you’re going away for the holidays or decided to turn your home in a Provence chez-soi, delicious snacks and dishes will set the pace of your (non-existing) schedule.


Kickstart your lazy day with a lavish but healthy breakfast including lean proteins, such as eggs, and vegetables. By introducing your greens in the morning, you set the tone for the rest of the day and you are already one step closer to your daily dose of vitamins. Tips for a balanced breakfast? A fat-free poached egg (on toast) or a flavoursome shakshuka: a breakfast dish that originated in Tunisia and consists of tomato, red pepper, onion, chili, spices and egg. Choose a stainless steel frying pan to let your shakshuka cook in the oven.


It’s always 11 o’clock somewhere in the world, so pop the rosé and let the Aperitivo begin. The Mediterranean lifestyle floats on a gentle river of good wine. Enjoy this delicacy like a true southerner and consume in moderation. To sharpen the appetite, you can prepare Italian classics like polpette (little meatballs) or arancini (stuffed rice balls), or you can keep it simple with healthy vegetable dips of beetroot, sweet potato, … By using a conical shaped pan to blitz your dips, you prevent lumps from getting stuck in the corners.


‘Pasta è pronta!’ Pasta is ready! – the national chant that can be heard all around Italy at lunchtime. Since Italians (and other habitants of hot climates) extend their lunch break with a riposo, or better-known siesta, feel free to let the after-meal dip kick in by eating a delicious pasta first. Did you know it’s actually a good thing to have your heaviest meal in the middle of the day? At that point your digestion is at its peak and there are plenty of hours left in the day to let your stomach come to a rest. Prepare your pasta dish in a skillet with high edges. It makes it easier to shake it all up after you added the pasta to your sauce.


Afternoons are made for snacks. And stretching out on a sunbed, while reading a book, can make you quite hungry. Fruit is a common desert in Mediterranean countries – where cake and pastry are kept for special occasions or family get-togethers. Upgrade your fruit platter by macerating strawberries or raspberries in some booze or let them cook until you have a nice sticky coulis. The spout of your saucepan makes it easy to pour the coulis over a dot of fresh Greek yoghurt.


Finish the day with a light meal and a minimum of work in the kitchen afterwards.
As fish and seafood are the main source of protein in the Mediterranean diet, let’s follow that wave. Fish can best be prepared in a non-stick frying pan to ensure a soft crunch while keeping it healthy at the same time. The non-stick coating of the pan reduces the need for cooking fat while preparing your dinner. A double healthy win to top off another happy day.


As a true Italian gentleman Maestro by Beka helps you prepare savoury food at any moment of the day, every day of the year. The high-quality stainless-steel collection was designed to achieve superior technical standards and make your life easier. Taking care of the latter are extra wide rims, welded handles to prevent food and dirt from getting stuck and a size indicator on the inside.

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