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PFAS-free frying, trendy design: Kuro

When trendy design and healthy cookware collide, you get … Kuro!
PFAS-vrij bakken, trendy design: Kuro

Completely black. That's the look of the new Kuro frying pan. No, not only the body, but the ergonomic handle, the flame guard, the coating and even the bottom plate are completely black too! With Kuro, Beka combined functional cookware with the most stylish design.


But don't let its looks fool you, this pan offers more than just beauty!

The Kuro frying pan is made from strong but lightweight forged aluminium, which ensures a fast and even heat conductivity. And what really makes the difference is its durable non-stick coating. The Titanium-reinforced ceramic coating has excellent non-stick properties. Only a little fat is required, allowing healthy cooking. And you will not only adopt a healthier lifestyle with this series of frying pans: the coating is completely PFAS-free, a planet- and people-friendly production process, so you contribute to a better world too.


Thanks to its excellent non-stick coating, cleaning your frying pan has never been this easy. With a soft sponge or cloth and just a little soap, your pan is ready to use again in no time!

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