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How Judith and Tom found their favorite kitchen item?

Do you ever feel like you should be able to improve a dish, but don't know how? The question you should ask yourself is, "what cookware can help me do this?". Just like Judith and Tom, discover which tool in the kitchen will become your new favorite item.
Hoe Judith en Tom hun favoriete keukenitem vonden?


Life can be busy and hectic, especially when trying to eat healthy. That's why we want to introduce you to Judith, who has been searching for the right balance of great homemade food on busy days for a long time. She was surprised to learn that the right cookware is an important factor in this balance. By working with the right kitchen tools, she found peace of mind and was able to enjoy great meals and more free time.

Judith prefers healthy, quick dishes and a wok dish with chicken strips has become a regular item on her weekly menu. She discovered her go-to wok pan through our quiz. The product wizard showed this Energy wok as a perfect match because Judith mentioned she was pressed for time and wanted to cook healthily. The Energy wok pan is made of cast aluminum which heats up quickly, reducing cooking time and has a nonstick finish for extra healthy cooking.

This shows that efficient cooking certainly does not have to mean sacrificing taste and health, but rather combining the right dishes with the right tools. This balance will save you a lot of time and result in more time to enjoy all your other activities.


Spending time together as a family can be magical, especially when parents teach their children to cook. For Tom, an enthusiastic father and self-proclaimed "master of meat," cooking with his children is an opportunity to pass on his passion for good food to the next generation.

Tom’s favorite dish is a true classic: steak frites with creamy mushroom sauce. He guides his daughter through the recipe, from the choice of meat to the frying method and the preparation of the sauce. But before he gets to that explanation, he starts with the all-important: picking the matching cookware.  The right meat pan - according to his taste - is the Nomad frying pan which ensures the meat to be evenly heated and nicely browned while keeping it tender and juicy. His guiding in the cookware choice and preparation of steak is something Tom is keen to share with his daughter. It's delightful to watch him share his approach with her, and equally pleasing to see them both enjoying a feast with their entire family afterwards.

Tom values these kitchen moments because they allow him to pass on many skills to his daughter. Cooking together means teamwork and good communication. He would advise everyone to schedule a day a week to cook together. It’s a moment he treasures, where he gets to know his daughter better and sometimes even gains insight into her teenage secrets.

Curious about which cookware suits you?

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