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Your secret to home-made bread.

The art of baking your own bread? It’s child’s play with the papillon casserole!

Our featherlight casserole is the perfect tool, and its light weight and aluminium material makes things even easier. Planning on having a go? Our handy steps will help you on your way!

Jouw geheim voor zelfgebakken brood.

Why bake bread in a casserole?

The casserole creates an environment similar to a baker’s oven. By preheating the casserole you imitate as it were the direct heat of a professional stone oven.

In doing so, the closed casserole allows the bread to produce steam, which accelerates the yeast activity.

By placing the casserole in a normal oven, the bread’s crust becomes immediately hard and crusty, which prevents the yeast from expanding. Furthermore, the temperatures inside the casserole are more constant than in a normal oven. So why not? 😉

Steps to baking bread in the Beka Papillon

You can bake bread perfectly in a traditional casserole, however, our papillon has an added advantage: it is made from cast aluminium, which means it takes much less time to warm up. Which means that your bread will be ready more quickly.

Are you full of inspiration and keen to bake your own bread? Follow these steps and get started right away!

Step 1

Prepare the dough and allow it to rise according to your chosen recipe.

Step 2

Preheat the (fan) oven to 230° c.

Sprinkle some flour on the bottom of the papillon. Place the empty casserole with the lid on in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes. (are you using a cast-iron model? Then it is best to preheat this for 45 to 50 minutes.)

Step 3

Once preheated, remove the papillon from the oven and place the risen dough on the bottom of the casserole. Put the lid on and return it to the oven for 30 minutes.

Then remove the lid from the casserole. Allow the bread to bake for a further 15 minutes in the casserole with the lid on.

Step 4

Remove the papillon from the oven. Remove the bread from the casserole and allow to cool before cutting.

Step 5

Enjoy your crusty home-made bread!

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