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Quality time is served!

The end of the year traditionally calls for dimmed lighting and heart-warming family dinners. Quality time with your nearest and dearest wrapped in a blanket of cosiness and appetite.

Quality time is served!

To ensure the holiday party you deserve, even in these challenging and troubled times: BEKA Cookware is gearing you up with fancy pans, skillets, and other utensils to put directly on the table as a centrepiece of good taste and equally good vibes. True quality BEKA Moments !


High energy prices are pushing even the most resourceful cooks to new solutions. With the right cookware you can easily flip those challenges into possibilities. Because what better way to celebrate Christmas or New Year in the warmth of your own home? No expensive restaurant dinners, just honest and comforting meals. Make this year extra smart by using the same one pan for cooking as for serving.

Good-looking all-rounders – and personal favourites –such as the Nori Dutch oven or the Papillon Dutch oven, make eye-catching essentials on the table during your end of the year parties, as they do on any other day of the year. They’re perfect for cooking delicious classics such as stews and roasts; dishes that create togetherness with their homey and comforting smells and tastes. The warm cottage-like look is an added bonus to the festive atmosphere at your dinner table.


For those who like to stick to a familiar formula, or have a hang to vintage winter vibes, cosy classics such as the fondue set, or stone grill still do the trick. The ritual of cooking together as a group creates openness and intimacy. It’s the perfect conversation starter and a great source of entertainment. The nostalgic wink to the past will warm every guest’s heart and put them in the right cheerful Christmas mood.

Happy end of the year to all of you from all of us!