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Simple self care with tea time

The past (corona) year has been one of homework and isolation. Taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, has never been more important. In this blog, BEKA shows why taking time for tea can also be a great me-time moment.
Doe aan zelfzorg en zet jezelf een kopje thee!


That drinking tea has numerous health benefits is nothing new. It helps you stay hydrated, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and improves skin clarity. Taking the time for a cup of tea has benefits not only physically but also mentally.

In these times of social distancing and isolation, it is important not only to stay physically healthy but also to work on your mental health. It may seem simple, but giving yourself time now and then and allowing yourself some rest in this daily frenzy of working and living at home is not self-evident. Daring to take space for yourself does not necessarily mean a day without kids or an hour-long bath. Even small moments of attention to yourself can bring peace to your mind.


Taking time to prepare and enjoy a cup of tea is also self-care. By consciously setting aside time for this, you give yourself the opportunity to take a break. Choose a good herbal tea that suits the needs of the moment, prepare it in a beautiful teakettle, serve it with a slice of lemon or a drop of honey and... relax. Bet it will give you an energy boost?


Besides the quality of the tea, how good the tea tastes depends to a large extent on how carefully the tea is prepared, which teapot you use and how much space the tea leaves have to unfold. Since tea leaves with plenty of space to unfold release more flavour, BEKA equips its tea kettles with a stainless steel tea insert – a tiny basket with fine mesh holes. Apart from the fact that aromas are better expressed when preparing tea with a tea strainer, a removable tea insert also has the advantage that you can mix different tea flavourings and create your own tea blend.

In contrast to porcelain and glass tea kettles, cast iron tea kettles stay hot for a very long time. Thanks to this characteristic and the larger volumes of BEKA tea kettles, you can easily enjoy several cups of tea in a row.


The cast iron material is a nod to the traditional Japanese way of making tea, where people have been using cast iron during their tea ceremonies for centuries. Meanwhile, a wide range of cast iron teapots are already available. BEKA offers numerous tea kettles in different designs, each equipped with a tea strainer. From tea kettles with Asian aesthetics, to exclusive contemporary designs. BEKA Cookware has cast iron tea kettles that are not only practical, but also can surprise every tea lover with their looks.

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