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5 tips to start meal prepping

Brace yourselves for the most hectic time of the year! The last trimester on the calendar traditionally marks the start of the busiest months of the year.

5 tips voor meal prepping
The kids go back to school, all the colleagues are back at the office, sports & hobbies are picking up again and traffic jams are peaking. Needless to say that every minute saved is a blessing from the sky. But with the right planning and meal prepping you can be your own angel. Read along for the right tips and tricks to kick September in the pants!


Don’t try to run before you can walk. Start meal prepping by taking small steps first. So don’t try to meal prep for the entire week and the entire family at once. Maybe just start by prepping your own lunch for the upcoming two days and give it a go from there.


To avoid feeling lost in the supermarket, prepare your trip by composing a menu first and adding a shopping list to it. Plan your menu around your (social) calendar and see when you don’t need to provide breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because meal prepping is indeed in the first place about making your life easier, but it also helps you fight food waste. So, write down that plan and stick to it.


Don’t try to tackle a meal prep moment on Monday evening when you and your family are recovering from a headfirst encounter with the new week. Instead choose a quieter moment like Sunday afternoon and lighten the task with the help of good quality cookware. You need easy to handle and easy to clean material. The non-stick range ‘Energy’ consists of i.a. pots, pans, a wok and even a non-stick grill to help you with the dishes. The cast aluminium centre of the cookware ensures a quick and even distribution of heat.


Entry-level meal prepping is batch cooking. This means preparing large quantities of food in once and store them in different containers in the fridge or the freezer. Since the easiest way to batch cook are one-pan dishes, a big cooking pot is essential. Beka has stockpots up to of 10 litres and their high-end, close to professional quality will help you from burning your food.


Meal prepping is a smart way of solving the ‘we-have-no-time-but-we-want-good-food’-dilemma. Up your game by being extra clever and adding spices to your meals. A well-equipped spice rack will indeed make your dishes vary in taste and will open a new flavour palette each day.