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The primal feeling of nature in your kitchen

Gone is the monopoly of molecular cooking as the only way of fine dining. Gone are the hassle and stress it has brought to many aspiring home cooks. This year we welcome back the power and simplicity of the elements, it is time to go back to the roots of cooking. We smell the heat, feel the flames, hear the hissing of the meat, touch the cold steel and the warm wood of our utensils. The only things we need to thrive in the kitchen are fair and delicious products and smart and solid cookware.
Het oergevoel in je keuken


Cottagecore, Rustic Vogue or Classical Country - whatever you name it, a more natural approach of living is on the rise. From decorating, pastime and mindfulness to food and cooking, there is a tendency to look for authenticity in our everyday activities and a rediscovered pastoral appeal. According to the New York Times and The Guardian this longing for a simpler and more natural lifestyle comes as a reaction to the hustle of our current society. It offers us branches to hold on to in worrying and stressful times. To escape the rat race we start growing vegetables, bake our own bread, take pottery classes and hammer patio furniture for our garden house. Authenticity lies in experience and material.

nomad knives


Taking time to cook and turning to pure, solid and durable materials to do so, is totally compliant with the natural trend. The Nomad collection of Beka is made of superior sheet steel (i.e. the pans) for a high temperature resistance and hard-wearing and tactile handles. The acacia wood used for the handles offers not only a rugged look and natural touch, it is also strong enough to use the pans on the barbecue (without placing the wooden handle directly above open fire, of course). By coating the steel of the pan with oil, you create a 100% natural non-sticky layer - no chemicals or other harmful materials needed. Nomad is an easy access to more nature into your kitchen.

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