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Tips for long-term use of your Nomad pan

A natural non-stick coating needs maintenance too. That’s why we have listed a few useful tips.
Tips voor een langdurig gebruik van je Nomad pan
Je wil je Nomad pan uiteraard zo lang mogelijk optimaal gebruiken. Onderstaande nuttige tips helpen je om het beste uit deze natuurlijke reeks te halen:

Sustainable use of carbon steel

Of course you want to use your Nomad optimally for as long as possible. The helpful tips below will help you make the most of this natural range:

  • The use of fatty foods boosts the patina layer on the pan. Also, the more you use the pan, the less oil you will need and the more effective your non-stick layer will be!
  • Neutral oils, such as groundnut, linseed, rapeseed or sunflower oil are the only oils suitable for seasoning your Nomad pan. Do not use olive oil for this purpose.
  • Avoid acidic foods (tomato sauce, lemon, etc.) since these can damage the natural patina layer.
  • We advise against using metal utensils. These can harm the natural patina layer. Wooden and plastic kitchen utensils are better suited to protecting the life of your patina layer.
  • When using induction we recommend the following: Use a medium temperature.Avoid the Boost function on your induction hob. Never allow an empty pan to overheat.
  • The pan has a wooden handle, and must therefore never be placed in the oven. Avoid placing the handle directly above a naked flame.

CARE TIPS for carbon steel pans

Your long enjoyment of Nomad pans also depends on the appropriate care. Here are some important guidelines:

  • It is important that you allow your pan to cool down completely before cleaning it.
  • Do not use cleaning agents that contain chlorine (such as bleach) to clean your pan.
  • To clean the pan, use a soft and clean sponge or dishcloth. Do not use metal scrubbers because they would remove or damage the patina layer created by the oil.
  • Burnt-in food remaining in the pan is best removed by lightly warming the pan on the hob and wiping it off with a little salt and a dishcloth.
  • We recommend always drying the pan properly after cleaning.
  • The Nomad collection is not suitable for use in the dishwasher. The detergents from dishwasher tablets could damage the patina layer that has just been created, requiring the process to be done all over again. In addition, steel is a material that is best washed by hand.