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Not all pans need to be seasoned as not all materials require it. The only part of the BEKA range that requires seasoning is the Nomad collection because it is made of carbon steel. Seasoning a carbon steel pan creates a natural non-stick coating without any chemicals. On our blog there is a step-by-step plan for seasoning your pan and a few handy tips for use and maintenance.

You can invoke the guarantee if you find a defect due to faulty materials and/or manufacturing or in the course of household use.

The warranty period varies, depending on the material used and the type of product. The warranty period is always specified on the packaging of your BEKA product.
If you no longer have the packaging, you can also find this information on our product pages.

If you cannot find your BEKA product here, it may be part of an old collection. In that case, you can always reach us through our contact form. We will then provide you with the correct information as soon as possible.

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