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A skillet is a true Swiss army knife in the kitchen, suitable for various culinary techniques. From sautéed vegetables to cooking juicy meat pieces, to preparing rich pasta sauces and creating delicious one-pan dishes. Its high sides make a skillet ideal for handling ingredients without unwanted splatters. Find the best skillet for your cooking needs at BEKA.

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A unique kitchen essential: What is a skillet?

A skillet, also referred to as a sauté pan, stands out as a crucial kitchen utensil that unlocks a spectrum of culinary possibilities. Engineered with high sides, it is a flexible cookware designed to master various culinary techniques and cater to a wide array of dishes. The elevated edges effectively prevent splattering during cooking with a skillet, making it the go-to tool for one-pot wonders.

The advantages of skillets over frying pans

It's a common inquiry: What sets a skillet apart from a frying pan? When considering the choice between a frying pan vs skillet, the distinct features of each become apparent. A skillet diverges from a frying pan in its design and suitability for specific cooking applications. While a frying pan boasts a flat bottom and slightly sloping sides, suitable for versatile frying and cooking methods, it lacks the inclusion of a lid. On the contrary, a skillet's high, straight sides excel in containing ingredients without splatters. Ideal for sautéing vegetables, and preparing rich pasta sauces, it also serves as a master of one-pan dishes. Notably, a key advantage lies in the fact that a skillet always comes with a lid, ensuring added convenience in heat retention and optimal braising during the cooking process.


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Unlocking culinary versatility with a skillet

The decision to invest in a skillet is closely linked to its diverse applications in the kitchen. From quick sautés to searing thick meat pieces, crafting flavorful wok dish, and preparing delightful one-pan curry’s, skillets prove to be indispensable or even an alternative for a dutch oven. The inclusion of a lid further enhances their adaptability, facilitating braising and oven cooking for a seamless cooking experience.

Find skillets for every type of stove at BEKA

One of the advantages of a Beka skillet is it is compatible with various types of cooktops, including halogen, electric, ceramic, and induction. The uniform diameter from top to bottom, thanks to the straight edges of our frying pans, makes it easy to identify the induction diameter. Thus, you can easily choose the perfect skillet for your induction cooktop. If you plan to use your skillet pan in the oven as well, it is recommended to check the technical specifications.

In the BEKA range, the sizes of skillets vary, with options such as a 24 cm frying pan and a 28 cm skillet. This variety allows you to choose the perfect size that meets your cooking needs and the quantity suitable for your family size.

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Technical specifications and material choices for a skillet

Regarding materials, we offer a stainless steel skillet from BEKA known for its durability, resistance to various ingredients and cleaning products – including dishwasher use. A stainless steel BEKA skillet features an aluminum layer between the stainless steel bottom and the interior for better heat conduction.

On the other hand, an aluminum skillet is lighter, heats and cools quickly, and usually comes with a non-stick coating. This type of non-stick pan is ideal for delicate dishes such as eggs and fish, but keep in mind that non-stick skillets generally have a shorter lifespan compared to stainless steel variants and may need replacement after a few years.

When is a non-stick skillet ideal?

When preparing red or poultry meat, a non-coated stainless steel skillet is ideal. For delicate dishes such as breaded ingredients, fish, eggs, and vegetables, we recommend a non stick skillet. Always use a little oil or butter with these non-stick pans, avoid high temperatures, and refrain from using metal kitchen utensils.


Skillet with lid and handle options

A BEKA skillet pan always comes with a lid, which is not only convenient for retaining heat but also for optimal braising. The lids are equipped with a steam hole to prevent overflow and splatters.

Depending on your preferences, you can purchase a skillet with a long handle or two handles. Larger sizes always come with two short handles for your convenience. Thus, you can easily serve a filled skillet directly from the stove to the table.

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