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Let the crunch control your kitchen

Discover the new Mandala pans. A pattern of cleverness to let the crunch take over your cookery.

Let the crunch control your kitchen

Aaah food, it makes us travel to faraway places or discover new gems at home, it’s the glue between friends during a cosy get-together and the life saviour at family’s Christmas’ parties. Tasty food makes us happy and brings us in a good mood. We tend to label food as savoury when the flavour is good. But did you know that texture is equally important to the full tasting experience? The right tools to obtain that crispy crunch are quintessential. Enter the new Mandala pans. A pattern of cleverness to let the crunch take over your cookery.


mandala beka fryingpan c1

A jump into crunch

Chefs around the world know this industry’s secret for a long time: a good dish is an interplay of different flavours and contrasting textures. Generally spoken, there are 7 types of food textures: crispy, tender, tough, smooth, creamy, chewy and oily. And although there’s no accounting for taste, creamy and crispy are considered the tastiest of them all. It makes perfect sense when you think about it: the things that pop up when you imagine your favourite food are probably French fries, crispy chicken, cookies, potato chips, … all things crunchy. To ensure a never-ending and steady flow of crispy heaven, Beka introduces a ground-breaking technology.


A cosmos of crispiness

The Mandala pans are the hottest thing in cookery land. Literally. Thanks to the unique honeycomb structured pattern the fat distributes evenly into the pan ensuring an equal and thorough frying of your food. Think not only meat and fish, but also vegetables. A perfect way to sugarcoat – euh, crunchcoat – healthy meals.

The high heat resistance of the iron centre and the enamelled finish of the Mandala pans makes them even suitable to use on the barbecue. Just be aware to keep the gorgeous and sustainable acacia wooden handle away from the flame. The Mandala set basically offers the same advantages of cast iron cookware, but without the heavy lifting nor the burned fingers.


All pans are equipped with a special ceramic non-sticky coating enabling you to cook with less fat and thus prepare healthier food. The Mandala pan comes in three different sizes: 20, 24 and 28 cm wide. 3 ways to reach food nirvana.

mandala beka onbarbecue

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