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Nori, your flagship during the holidays.

The most wonderful time of the year filled with love, gifts, and delicious meals is approaching! Holidays are coming and What's cozier than savoring a long meal with your loved ones? You can certainly show off your elegance with the NORI collection, an exquisite range of cast-iron cookware that ensures unforgettable moments.

Nori, your flagship during the holidays.
holidays nori cheesefondue

NORI caters to every type of chef

With an eye for design, this elegant cast-iron collection was crafted. These products are passed down from generation to generation, and with their sleek black aesthetic, they exude a timeless appeal. A true must-have in any kitchen.

Whether you're cooking together with the fondue centrepiece, pairing it with delicious veggies from the oven dish, or opting for a classic stew, there's no need to stress about plating. Your table will shine with any choice from the NORI collection.

If you love a mix of Southern dishes, prepare dumplings as an appetizer in the Nori steamer, cook your favorite Tajine, and finish with a delicious tiramisu in the baking dish. Each item from the NORI collection is an eye-catcher on your festive table.



Time for presents

Giving is even more enjoyable, especially when you know your gift will become a family heirloom thanks to its sustainable materials. From functional accessories like the NORI mortar and pestle to impressive gifts like a stew pot or Tajine packaged in a unique, beautiful box, NORI has something for everyone. It's not just a gift; it's an investment in years of culinary pleasure.

Still having doubts?

Both you and your loved ones will be grateful for the NORI collection in the kitchen. With its high-quality three-layer enamel finish, this collection is easy to maintain and gentle on your kitchen counter to prevent scratches.

holidays nori mortar and pestle
holidays nori cocotte

Not convinced yet? Let us help you! Take the test and discover which NORI item perfectly fits your style and needs. Get ready for happy faces, because with such a beautiful collection, you simply can't go wrong!

With NORI Cookware, you're not just creating delicious meals but also unforgettable moments. Prepare for joyful family gatherings and shine bright this holiday season with NORI's stunning collection.


Happy holidays!


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