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Evolution gets upgraded

We're all crazy about the Evolution collection. The space-saving cookware set, perfectly stackable in your cupboard and also practical on the stove. Where you can easily and safely detach the handles and stem thanks to a safety indicator. 


BEKA wouldn't be BEKA if we were to rest on our laurels with what's good. We aim for better, the best! 

Evolution gets upgraded


Evolution 2.0: ready for the future

Now, we introduce the Evolution 2.0 collection, which pushes the boundaries of traditional cookware.

The new Evolution distinguishes itself through its groundbreaking ClickFix system. This exclusive, patented click mechanism ensures a more secure connection for the handles, enhancing safety, ease of use, and storage flexibility. But that's not all; the new Evolution collection is a paragon of sustainability and healthy cooking with its 100% PFAS-free, titanium-reinforced ceramic coating.




keukenkasten opgeruimd met REvolution
click fix

From Evolution to Evolution 2.0: Why Upgrade?

  • Safety First:
    Our ClickFix system offers an unparalleled level of certainty. Say goodbye to uncertainty when clicking on handles.

  • Sustainable and healthy:
    With our commitment to 100% PFAS-free materials, the new Evolution collection sets the new standard for healthy cooking. We’ve chosen for a ceramic coating, for easy use and healthy cooking.

  • Versatility in materials:

    While the Evolution series excelled in stainless steel, Evolution 2.0 embraces a diversity of materials such as Triply, aluminium, and stainless steel, all designed for specific cooking needs.

  • Space-saving design:
    Just like its predecessor, Evolution 2.0 remains true to the ideal of compact storage, but with improved user-friendliness thanks to detachable handles.

revolution collectie

Are you ready to leap forward with us?

It's more than just a change of the look! It's a promise of better performance, durability, and ease of use. Our own patented ClickFix has been developed. Extra firmness when clicking on the handles and stem.

Discover the Evolution collection today and let yourself be guided by innovation, quality, and tradition, all brought together in one click.