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A travel guide to World Cuisine

Travelling broadens the mind and that’s no different for the flavour palette: tasting new ingredients and spices opens your taste buds.

A travel guide to World Cuisine

To develop your culinary horizon and push those exotic dishes to the max, appropriate cookware is required. As a reliable travel guide, they’ll accompany you towards the hotspots not to be missed on your journey towards World Cuisine.



Over 1 billion people can’t be wrong: Chinese cuisine

Like every good menu, let’s start with a delicious appetizer: the dumpling. It comes in various sizes, flavours, textures and even origins, but the real deal is Chinese. Traditionally filled with ground pork, cabbage and scallions, but basically any filling, shape or size will do.

Make them from scratch, or buy them at your (Asian) supermarket, and steam away! Place the dumplings in your steamer insert or stack up a multi-tiered steamer pot for loads of goodies.

world kitchen chef steamer insert
world kitchen Papillon


Heartwarming vibes in the air and the pots: Jamaica

Jamaica is all for the love of heat. The heat of the blistering sun and the sand, the warmth at family gatherings and the food that is served. A fusion cuisine avant la lettre made with local tropical fruits, African influences, (now indigenous) crops originating from as far as Southeast Asia and lots of spices.

A traditional Jamaican pot roast combines all that deliciousness. Season the beef well in advance (a night will do) and, once cooking, leave to simmer for 2 hours in a Dutch oven with thick base.


Living life to its fullest flavour: Thailand

Although the wok is originally a Chinese kitchen utensil, nowadays it is widespread over the whole of Asia, and even the world. From Ireland to India, the wok is omnipresent. In Western households it is often used to quickly stir-fry vegetables and chicken for a quick weekday meal.

Upgrade your humble wok to a Thai delicacy by adding authentic Thai flavours and ingredients such as: coconut sugar, tamarind, lime juice, lemongrass, chili and fish sauce.

world kitchen Nomad wok
world kitchen Nori grill


Simplicity and quality from the Pampas: Argentina

Tango your way to a meat lovers delight with a juicy Argentinian steak. First class beef that comes from cows that are being grass fed on the 750 000 km2 Pampas, located in the heart of the country. Once ready for consumption, the beef is then prepared asado; a cooking technique close to barbecuing that keeps the moist and tenderness of the meat intact.

You can’t smoke a whole carcass at home, as the Argentinian cowboys or gaucho’s do, but you do can obtain a smokey flavour by preparing your steak in a good grill pan instead of your regular frying pan. Season with salt, nothing more is needed to top of premium quality.


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