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Steaming ahead with a healthy lifestyle!

Healthy eating is not only about using fresh seasonal produce, but also about the way you prepare your food. The healthiest way to cook is by steaming.

Steaming ahead with a healthy lifestyle!

Why? This preserves more of the nutrients and also retains the pure flavour of your ingredients.



The healthy cooking technique

The difference between steaming and cooking is that, with steaming, the vegetables do not touch the water, which helps to retain more of the minerals and vitamins (e.g. vitamin B & C) in your ingredients. After all, many nutrients dissolve in hot water. This means that when food is cooked in water, many of the vitamins disappear into the water and are simply poured away. When steaming, food is cooked by the steam from the hot water, retaining not only its health benefits, but also its crunch and flavour.

Also, no fat is needed when steaming. So it really is a tasty, simple and lean cooking technique.

Steaming with BEKA
Steaming with BEKA


How does steaming work?

There’s really no need to invest in an expensive steam oven to cook healthily. Simply take your pan, cover the base with water and add your steaming basket with your vegetables, meat or fish. It’s important always to put the lid on your pan, as this stops steam from escaping.


Steaming with BEKA

Planning to buy a steamer or a steaming basket? Let us tell you about our own high-quality solutions:

  • Chef multi steaming basket:

This practical steaming basket in the Chef collection is compact to store and really handy, because it suits 3 diameters of Chef saucepans: 16, 18 and 20 cm. Discover all specifications on



Steaming with BEKA
  • Polo steamer:

Our Polo collection features this steamer with 2 levels for steaming vegetables, fish, dim sum, etc. Are you preparing 2 vegetables, each with a different cooking time? Or would you like to steam a piece of fish, together with your vegetables? You can do it all thanks to this multifunctional steamer. Discover it here:

Steaming with BEKA
  • Couscous pot

A steamer tailored to a couscous dish. Cook your couscous in water in the lower pot and place your vegetables in the steamer insert, twice as efficient! This stainless steel couscous pot can also be used as a steamer:

Couscous BEKA

Want to test it? Find the matching BEKA items here

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