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Cutting boards

A good chopping board is essential in every kitchen. It makes slicing meat and vegetables easy, and it also allows you to easily transfer ingredients into your pots and pans. Therefore, it's a tool that should not be missing in your kitchen. Are you looking for a large wooden chopping board that will last for years? With BEKA Cookware's acacia wood chopping boards, you ensure yourself a high-quality and durable chopping board. Have a quick look at our selection and choose the best chopping boards!

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Why a Chopping Board?

A wooden chopping board is indispensable for your daily chopping in the kitchen. A good and sturdy chopping board prevents scratches and damage to your countertop. Moreover, using a chopping board is more hygienic, as your ingredients don't come into direct contact with your kitchen surface before you slide them into the pan. So, let yourself be surprised by our collection of wooden chopping boards and find a board that seamlessly fits your needs.

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What to Consider When Buying a Chopping Board?

Need a cutting board for your kitchen? Make sure the material of the chopping board is not too soft, as this can dull your knives. For instance, plastic boards are lightweight but need replacement more quickly. The soft material can create grooves, which are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Not only do you want to avoid this, but you also want a chopping board that is easy to handle and maintain. BEKA Cookware has a large chopping board in its assortment that will certainly make you happy!

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Chopping Board Assortment at BEKA Cookware

In our online shop, you will find chopping boards from the Nomad collection. These chopping boards, made of superior acacia wood, come in different sizes and are known for their double-sided use. One side with a groove is designed to catch juice, while the flat side can be used as a serving board. Ideal for a tapas party! Do you want a durable and thick chopping block for various purposes? Opt for a Nomad chopping board that you can easily order from our online kitchen store!

Maintenance and Hygiene of Chopping Boards

Nomad cutting boards are made of acacia wood and naturally possess antibacterial properties. This ensures that you always prepare your food safely. Note that you should not put these chopping boards in the dishwasher. You should always wash them by hand. To prevent wooden chopping boards from drying out, they are pre-treated with mineral oil, prolonging the life of this handy kitchen tool. Therefore, find the best chopping board in our online store!

Order a Chopping Board Online from BEKA Cookware

Is your current chopping board due for replacement, or do you want to purchase one that can be used for multiple purposes? A Nomad wooden chopping board is suitable for chopping vegetables and meat, as well as serving.

If you order a large wooden board from BEKA Cookware before 12:00 PM, it will be shipped on the same day with our delivery service. Moreover, you always benefit from free shipping on purchases of €50 or more. Will we see your order for a thick chopping board arriving soon?

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