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Fondues, a beloved culinary tradition, offer a tasty and cozy way of dining. Whether you're a cheese lover or have a sweet tooth for chocolate, there's a fondue that suits your taste buds. A high-quality and safe fondue set is a must-have for carefree food sharing. Discover the possibilities of cast iron and stainless steel fondues and get ready for an unforgettable fondue party with Beka!

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Fondue set Beka Arome

The operation of a cast iron fondue set

Considering buying a fondue set? Opt for a cast iron one. One of the key features of cast iron is its excellent heat distribution and retention. Here's how to use a fondue set: Start by heating the ingredients in the fondue pot on your stove. The cast iron will evenly absorb and retain the heat, ensuring that the oil, cheese, or chocolate heat up slowly and evenly. After warming up the ingredients on the stove, place the fondue pot on the base of the fondue set. Beka fondue sets come with a holder for fire gel or burning paste, which is placed in the base. Let the paste burn to maintain the heat in the fondue pot. Whether you're preparing cheese fondue or enjoying a flavorful chocolate fondue, the fire gel ensures that the ingredients stay warm for a long time and maintain the desired consistency.

A Stainless Steel Fondue Set as an Alternative

If your preferred choice is not a cast iron fondue set, we have the perfect solution for you: our stainless steel fondue set. This set features a stainless steel construction and a ceramic fondue pot, working on the principle of a bain-marie. Simply pour water into the stainless steel pot and place the ceramic pot in the water. This way, your fondue cheese, chocolate, or oil will be melted or heated indirectly in the porcelain pot, without the risk of burning.

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Colorful Fondue Forks

What is a fondue set? A base with holder for burner paste, a fondue pot and of course: fondue forks. As an essential part of the experience, Beka fondue sets come with skewers in various colors. It's simple: you spear a piece of meat with the fondue fork and immerse it in the hot oil. Let the meat cook to your desired doneness and retrieve your fork with your designated color from the fondue pot. Thanks to the different colors at the end of the forks, each guest can easily distinguish their skewer from others.


Gietijzeren fondue Beka Nori

Choose a Quality Fondue Experience

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to fondue, which is why the best fondue set is equipped with a splash guard. At Beka we make sure to provide all fondue sets with it. The anti-splash shield provides necessary protection against hot oil and broth. It prevents splattering and ensures that you can safely enjoy your fondue meal without worrying about burns or grease stains on your table.

With the combination of the practical fondue set, the included fondue forks, and the convenient anti-splash shield, you are ready for a delightful and secure fondue experience.

In summary, purchasing a Beka fondue set provides you with the durability and quality you need for a worry-free experience. With excellent heat distribution and retention, sturdy construction, and user-friendly design, each of these fondue sets becomes a reliable companion for all your fondue meals.

Experience Various Types of Fondue with a Single Set

What is a fondue set used for? Indulge in a range of fondue possibilities with a high-quality fondue set. Dive into a classic meat fondue with broth or oil, melt your favorite cheeses, or create a masterful chocolate fondue experience. With a premium fondue set, you can enjoy different types of fondue effortlessly.

A beloved classic is meat fondue with broth or oil. Thanks to the Beka fondue sets' resistance to high temperatures and fast heating, you can ensure perfectly cooked pieces of meat or fish. Skewer a tender piece of meat on the fondue fork and dip it into the hot broth or oil. Let it cook to your preferred doneness and relish the flavorful results.

Beka Nori fondue set als kaasfondue

In addition to meat or fish fondue, the Beka fondue sets allow you to immerse yourself in the delightful world of cheese or chocolate. Melt your favorite cheeses or chocolate into a smooth, creamy texture and dip pieces of fresh bread, crispy vegetables, or juicy strawberries into the delightful melted consistency. Our devices provide even and prolonged heat distribution, making them suitable for both cheese fondue set and chocolate fondue set. Your cheese or chocolate sauce will remain at the perfect temperature throughout the entire meal. It's ideal for a carefree evening of table-top cooking.