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Easy -to-use wireless digital meat thermometer with timer.


  • Measure the exact temperature of your roast (°C, °F) and time your dishes up to 99min and 59sec.
  • LCD display with background lighting. Easy to read directly.
  • Due to its magnetic back side, the ThermoMEATER can be used as a magnet on your fridge or cooker hood. Always within reach! Uses 1 AAA 1.5V battery (not included).
  • How to use the timer? Push the button on the back of the thermometer to TIMER mode. The display shows minutes (min) and seconds (sec). To set minutes, press MIN. To set seconds, press SEC. When the thermometer has reached the set time, it will beep. To reset the timer: press and hold MIN and SEC simultaneously.
  • How to use the thermometer? Push the button on the back of the device to COOK mode. Connect the cord to one side of the thermometer. To select your preferred temperature unit, press S/S. To select the desired temperature, press MIN (for higher temperature) or SEC (for lower temperature). Insert the probe on the cord into the food to be cooked. The temperature of the food is shown to the left on the display. When the food has reached the chosen temperature, the thermometer will beep.
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