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Discover Beka Cookware

Want to know more about BEKA Cookware? Are you interested in what "Crafting Cookware since 1899" stands for? Discover it here! We delve back into the BEKA archive, give you some more information about our group and are happy to fill you in on what our brand stands for.

Our mission

BEKA Cookware carries 120 years of experience and tradition with it. We may have been crafting cookware since 1899, but enjoying good food and the company of friends never grows old.

We stand for qualitative and well thought-out products so you can focus on what really matters in your kitchen; preparing great food  and connecting with the ones you love.

Of course design, functionality and quality are very important. But cooking is so much more. It’s about enjoying life, with your family or friends. It’s about quality time in the kitchen. Therefore Beka Cookware has developed cookware with just that little bit more. Fresh, bold and often surprising products with spirit that will boost all cooking pleasure!

Our vision

At Beka, we see sustainability as an obligation. We strive for a greener future with PFAS-free and natural coatings for our premium cookware. By using sustainable materials like iron, carbon steel, and certified recycled materials, we deliver eco-friendly products without compromising on quality. Our collections, such as Cicla, Mobi, Rebel, and Nori, reflect our commitment to conserving resources and reducing our ecological footprint. We aim to enrich every kitchen with sustainable, high-quality cookware and contribute to a healthier planet.