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Having a high-quality set of knives is essential for any cook, whether you are a beginner or a professional. What are the best kitchen knives? With the Beka Nomad series, you will find high-quality knives at an affordable price! Various knife types are available in this style: bread knives, slicer knives, steak knives, universal knives, kitchen and paring knives, Santoku knives and Chef knives. 

Thanks to their high quality, these durable knives will last for years. The stainless steel blades have a 21° sharpening angle for maximum sharpness. The acacia wood in the handles make these sharp knives not only handy, but also stylish kitchen tools. Beka offers magnificent cutting boards and knife blocks in the same acacia. The whole makes your knife set a true eye-catcher on your countertop. 

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High-quality stainless steel knives with acacia wood handle

The handles of these knives are made of durable acacia wood, which is sturdy and durable, and has natural antibacterial properties. The ergonomic design of the handles ensures a comfortable grip and makes handling the knives an enjoyable experience.

Top quality knives for every kitchen: discover the full range

nomad knives


The Beka range offers different types of knives, from knife sets to individual kitchen knives. Two versatile knives can be found in this set: a chef's knife and a peeler. This versatile knives set offers the larger chef's knife for cutting and chopping vegetables, fruit, meat, and, fish. The smaller paring knife in addition is an essential tool for peeling or finely chopping vegetables and potatoes.

In addition, Beka also offers a utility knife. This has a medium-sized blade with a sharp point. The blade is slightly longer than that of a paring knife, making cutting vegetables, meat and, fish smoother. Due to its handy size, you can also use this utility knife for peeling fruit or vegetables.

In the same style, you can also buy a bread knife with long serrated blade. A solid bread knife is a must-have for lovers of home-baked bread or fresh baguettes. The serrations make it easy to cut through the hard crust without damaging the soft bread inside.

Are you looking for something beyond basic knives? Are you not afraid of a larger blade? Then perhaps a traditional Japanese knife is for you. The Beka Santoku knife is 18 cm long and has a wide blade fitted with dimples. This Graton blade creates air pockets that make slices of meat, fish, or vegetables easier to release and slide smoothly off the knife.

Knife blocks for storing your knives

Beka offers two types of knife blocks to store your kitchen knives safely and keep them within easy reach. The 5-piece kitchen knives set includes a knife block with specific slots for each knife, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for a complete knife set. On the other hand, the Nomad knife block with brushes is suitable for 5 to 7 knives. The plastic brushes make the block suitable for any type of knife, whether new or old. The non-slip feet ensure that the blocks stay firmly in place and prevent scratches on your worktop.

Cutting boards that match your knives

To make your cutting experience extra stylish, efficient, and hygienic, Beka also offers cutting boards made of acacia wood. The boards have reversible use, with a large juice channel on one side for prepping and chopping, and a flat side on the other for serving tapas or a cheese board. The deep groove reduces the risk of juices dripping off the board, and the extra-thick block offers more stability during slicing.

cutting board and knive block