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Mixing Bowls

Equip your kitchen with a mixing bowl with lid to experience the convenience of an all-in-one mixing bowl, serving bowl and storage pot. The BEKA stainless steel bowl has a silicone non-slip base for problem-free mixing, blending and whipping.

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Mixing Bowl: Essential for Food Preparation

Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing dinner, crafting delightful salads, or baking a cake? Then, a high-quality mixing bowl is indispensable as a kitchen tool! Our bowls are perfect for everyday cooking tasks, including blending ingredients, allowing dough to rise for a homemade pizza or cake, and serving as versatile baking bowls. If you're searching for beautiful and sturdy kitchen bowls to assist you, look no further. At Beka, we have a passion for culinary tools and are delighted to provide you with top-notch bowls for your kitchen.

Selecting the Right Mixing Bowl for Your Culinary Creations

The Beka bowls come in handy as mixing bowls for baking a cake, marinating meat or vegetables, whisking eggs, or tossing salads. A good mixing or batter bowl is crafted from durable material that won't dent, crack, or break. After all, you wouldn't want to deal with any mishaps when using a bowl for your culinary endeavors. Additionally, you'd want a mixing bowl with ample capacity to comfortably accommodate your needs. Thankfully, we have the perfect bowl for you in our range!

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Tips for Purchasing Mixing Bowls

Are you in search of a suitable mixing or batter bowl as a kitchen tool? It's a valuable addition, provided you choose the right item. Therefore, tailor your bowl purchase to the specific purposes you intend to use them for. Naturally, your bowl should be able to withstand the rigors of daily use or the use of a hand mixer. Fortunately, with our collection of bowls, you needn't worry about that. They are robust, of the finest quality, and furthermore, feature a non-slip silicone base to prevent any slipping during your food preparations.

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Mixing  Bowl Features and Characteristics

The stainless steel bowls in our online shop have a plastic lid which is completely BPA-free. This means no harmful substances are released when preparing food. They can be effortlessly placed in the dishwasher, but are also easy to clean by hand. Additionally, these mixing bowls are ideal for food storage in the refrigerator. Curious about more kitchen-use products? Take a look at our range of kitchen utensils and discover items such as cutting boards, knives, and strainers.

Diameter and Product Attributes of the Mixing Bowls

The Beka bowls are available in various sizes. Our mixing bowls come in diameters of 24 cm and 20 cm and can nest easily, which makes a beautiful mixing bowl set Furthermore, they feature a convenient measurement guide, eliminating the need for a measuring cup.

Why Order Mixing Bowls Through Our Online Shop

Tired of not having the right mixing bowl in the kitchen? Order your bowls through the Beka online shop. With every mixing bowl purchase, you're guaranteed a fixed warranty period. Additionally, for purchases exceeding €50, you'll benefit from free delivery. If you place your order before 12:00 PM, your kitchenware will be delivered the next working day. Have questions? Easily ask them through our contact form.