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Are you looking for a healthier way to prepare your food? Then steaming is the perfect method for you! Steaming is not only healthy, but it also preserves the maximum nutritional value of your dishes. Compared to other cooking methods, the nutritional value of food during using a steamer can be up to 50% higher. And the best part? Steaming requires no extra fat! Discover the best food steamer in the Beka Cookware range.

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How do food steamers work?

Steam cooking is a special technique where your dish doesn't directly touch the boiling water but hovers above it in a steam insert or basket. The rising steam evenly cooks the food while preserving its delicious flavor and nutrients, without losing them in the water. There are different types of food steamers available, such as a steam insert for a cooking pot, made of materials like bamboo or stainless steel. At Beka, we also offer 3 tier steamer sets, including a cooking pot, matching steamer basket, and lid. Some of these sets contain multiple inserts, allowing you to steam on multiple levels simultaneously.

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Why would you prefer a food steamer over other cooking methods?

First reason to use a food steamer: you can preserve the natural taste, color, vitamins, and aromas of your dishes in an optimal way. In a food steamer, the food is cooked by hot steam without the need for additional fat or oil. This means that your dishes are not only healthier but also lighter and more flavorful. Moreover, with a stainless steel steamer, you can prepare a wide variety of ingredients such as fish, meat, vegetables, and potatoes. The hot steam flows over your ingredients, ensuring that they are cooked by the steam itself rather than boiling in water. As a result of using a food steamer, they retain their texture, resulting in deliciously juicy and tender food.

Food steamer on any stovetop

At Beka Cookware, we believe that stovetop food steamers are the most efficient and energy-saving option. That is why we do not offer electric steamers. Our food steamers are specially designed to fit any type of stovetop, allowing you to enjoy healthy and flavorful dishes regardless of the type of stove you have. Heat is transferred directly and evenly from the pot to the steaming insert, ensuring efficient cooking of your meals. 

Whether you are looking for an induction steamer pan or a gas stovetop food steamer, Beka Cookware offers multiple high-quality steamer for food that perfectly match your stove. Explore our range of steamer for food today and experience the benefits of healthy steam cooking on your own stovetop!

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Why a steamer is practical in the kitchen

Most food steamers use one or more steamer inserts with small holes in the bottom. The first insert is placed above the water in the cooking pot or sauté pan without actually touching the water. Another steam insert can be placed on top as an additional level. This way, the food is cooked solely by the hot steam on different levels. The holes in the bottom of the steam insert ensure that the steam circulates evenly, resulting in perfectly cooked ingredients. This allows vegetables to retain their flavor, texture, and nutritional value while cooking without extra fat! A 3 tier steamer can serve as both a vegetable steamer, couscous steamer, and much more.

A food steamer is an indispensable tool in every kitchen. With a veg steamer, you can prepare healthy and flavorful meals that tantalize your senses and support your health. So why wait? Discover the fantastic world of steam cooking and make a healthy choice for yourself and your loved ones today!