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Your perfect match in the kitchen!

Good cooking utensils are here to serve both the cooking newbie as the multitasking veteran. After all, quality cookware that helps you get the tasty job done, is beneficial for every (new made) chef. Before kicking off,  figuring out your kitchen needs is essential to match you up with your kitchen must-have tool. BEKA Cookware sketches 3 different types of cooks to help you discover your personal flavour.
Jouw perfecte match in de keuken!


Lacking experience but making up for it with loads of enthusiasm, that pretty much sums up data analyst Luca in the kitchen. Far away from his regular habitat, he wants an all-round tool to rely on during his brave culinary endeavours. “I’m anything but an experienced chef, but I can put a meal on the table and the oven is my trusted partner to do so”.

For his date tonight, Luca is indeed turning to his tried and tested recipe of a – hopefully truly – hearth-warming oven dish and pulling out a multi-purpose oven roaster to help him along the way. He'll simply toss together some ingredients for a humble but yummy meal, et voilà!

But wait, did he forget to add his vegetables?


A chef that never loses an ingredient out of sight is 35-year-old project manager Sophie. Like a true culinary four-armed Ganesha she juggles her job effortlessly with her family life and a focus on balanced and home-cooked meals.

No surprise, Sophie is happy with a little shortcut here and there. That’s why on Wednesday afternoon you can find her tossing pancakes with her kids. “It’s a win-win situation: I’m entertaining my kids all while serving them a tasty self-made meal”, tells Sophie with a big smile.

With her Energy non-stick pancake pan flipping the pancakes is (literally) child’s play.


Another busy bee is Monique. She’s also a working mom, but no longer needs to entertain her adult children. Instead, she’s filling up her agenda with social events and endless chats with friends.

Over the years she established a basic yet tasty repertoire of day-to-day meals. “I’m not the kind of cook that will explore a wide variety of exotic spices. I rather prefer to cook with pure ingredients that speak for themselves, such as a pasta dish with pesto and fresh tomatoes”, she goes.

As notorious no-fuss cook, Monique turns to high-performance basic cookware that does the job perfectly. Efficient, smart, and performant – Monique doesn’t have time for anything less.

And you, how do you cook? Discover your cookware life saviour.