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Read more about our journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future! At Beka, we believe that sustainability is not an option, but an obligation. Our journey towards a sustainable brand is ongoing, and we’re excited to make further strides in reducing our environmental footprint.

Durable and sustainable materials

As part of our dedication to sustainability, we have shifted our focus towards PFAS-free ceramic coatings and frying pans with a natural coating, setting a new standard for eco-friendly cookware.

Driven by a conscious use of sustainable materials, all new developments are already 100% PFAS-free.

Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our customers to the art of cooking with the most durable and sustainable materials such as stainless
steel, cast iron and carbon steel. These materials offer a natural non-stick quality, surpassing the sustainability of ceramic coatings.

Opting for materials such as iron and carbon steel ensures the best and most natural non-stick surface – healthy, 100% PFAS-free, and with outstanding anti-adhesive properties. A 100% natural patina layer is achieved through seasoning the pan with oil.

No matter the material, we always aim to provide you with the most sustainable cookware solutions.

Certified recycled materials

The most recent collections such as Cicla, Mobi and Rebel but also Nori will be crafted from certified recycled materials. Each product will come with an official certification to guarantee the authenticity of the recycled materials used.

This pursuit of RCS certification symbolizes our dedication to preserving precious global resources and reducing our ecological footprint.

The collections reflect our aspiration for a better future, where recycled materials take a prominent role in the kitchens of conscious cooks.

And all of this without compromising on quality and performance!
This move reflects our dedication to providing our customers with products that not only elevate their culinary experiences but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Sustainable Packaging

All our packaging is made of recycled materials and free of single-use plastics.