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Frying pans

To effortlessly prepare your family's favorite dishes, you need reliable kitchen equipment, and that starts with a set of good frying pans. At Beka, we offer a wide range of high-quality frying pans in different sizes and materials. Our pans are designed to work on all types of stoves. Whether you cook on induction, gas, halogen, or electric, we've got you covered! Here, you'll find everything from non-stick pans to ceramic frying pans, stainless steel pans, cast iron pan, and much more. Rest assured, we have the best frying pan to complete your kitchen arsenal.

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Choose a Non-Stick Frying Pan

Non-stick frying pans are a favorite in many households for good reasons. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and allow you to cook with minimal oil or fat without worrying about ingredients sticking to the pan. These pans excel at preparing delicious omelets or gently cooking fish at low to medium temperatures. Our range includes both aluminum frying pans with a PTFE coating and top-notch ceramic frying pans that are completely Pfas-free.

non stick frying pan
non stick pan skillet

Tips for Non-Stick Frying Pans

Here's a handy tip: to prolong the lifespan of your non stick pans, it's best to use wooden or silicone spatulas and avoid running them through the dishwasher. Additionally, it's worth noting that most non-stick pans are made of lightweight aluminum, ensuring easy handling on the stove and even heat distribution. At Beka Cookware, we also offer non stick frying pans made of stainless steel. Although slightly heavier, they beautifully complement a full stainless steel cookware collection in terms of design.

Complement with a Stainless Steel Frying Pan

In addition to a non stick frying pan, having a high-quality stainless steel frying pan or skillet is essential in every kitchen. While non-stick pans excel at cooking fish and eggs, a stainless steel frying pan is perfect for searing red meat, roasts, chicken, and vegetables. These pans can also be used in the oven, making them versatile and convenient. For dishes that require simmering in the oven after stovetop searing to develop optimal flavor, a stainless steel frying pan is the ideal choice.

pan in stainless steel

The Ultimate Frying Pan for Meat

Are you a meat enthusiast who craves the perfect sear? Look no further than a carbon steel frying pan for achieving optimal cooking results. Embraced by French kitchens and professional chefs alike, these pans have earned their reputation. While they require a tad more attention and care compared to traditional stainless steel counterparts, the rewards are unparalleled when you season and maintain them properly. At Beka, we offer carbon steel frying pans that come pre-seasoned or allow you to season them yourself according to your preference. Here's a fun fact: these versatile frying pans can even be used on the barbecue, making them a handy tool for grilling delicate vegetables or seafood that might slip through the grates. And don't miss out on exploring our Beka Artist pan, a stunning carbon steel masterpiece that earned the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2022 for its thoughtful design and exceptional meat-cooking performance.


frying pans

Choosing the Right Size for Your Culinary Adventures

Determining the ideal frying pan size is essential for a well-equipped kitchen. The size of a frying pan is measured by its diameter, which should be assessed at the rim, not the base. At Beka Cookware, our range boasts frying pans ranging from 16 cm to 32 cm in diameter. Selecting the perfect size hinges on your household size and cooking preferences.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

When purchasing a frying pan, it's wise to err on the larger side rather than go too small. This ensures you have ample room to flip that juicy steak or sizzle up a savory veggie burger. A compact frying pan, around 20 to 22 cm in diameter, is ideal for serving one to two individuals. For a family of four, a standard 24 cm frying pan is the go-to choice. Larger families can rely on the spaciousness of 30 cm or 32 cm frying pans. Plus, to make handling these substantial pans a breeze, Beka thoughtfully includes an extra handle for added convenience.

And if you're seeking a frying pan with lid, be sure to explore our skillet collection. This type of skillet pan, featuring straight sides and a handy lid, are perfect for dishes with delectable sauces or for mastering the art of stir-frying.