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Water kettles

Do you crave a delightful cup of tea, coffee, or soup during the autumn and winter months? Look no further than our collection of hot water kettles, designed for your convenience.

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Water kettles: bringing back the charm of yesteryears

Rediscover the joy of sipping tea like your grandparents did, wake up to a strong cup of coffee, or unwind with a comforting hot chocolate. With the purchase of a retro water kettle, you not only evoke a sense of nostalgia but also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Why invest in a water kettle?

Choosing a stainless steel water kettle from Beka ensures a durable companion that heats water to your desired temperature. Ideal for tea enthusiasts and useful for making coffee or fresh soup, a water kettle is a kitchen essential. Explore our kitchen store, where you'll find kettles ranging from two-and-a-half to four liters in capacity.

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Qualities of a good water kettle

A water kettle offers the convenience of quickly obtaining hot water. Of course, you'd prefer one that complements your kitchen decor and cookware. Whether you have a gas stove or an induction cooktop, we have the perfect kettle for you. Keep things simple by using our stainless steel kettles, which are designed to be dishwasher-friendly. All stainless steel kettles come with a wide, removable lid, making them easy to fill and clean. Some of them also include an additional attachment on the spout to create a whistling signal when the water boils, making them whistling kettles. Whatever your preference, we always have the right kitchen kettle for you on offer.

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Browse our water kettle selection

Looking to add a statement piece to your kitchen? Discover the finest induction water kettles for your home in our online store. We offer stainless steel kettles suitable for all heat sources, including gas and induction. And if you seek a tea kettle with an integrated tea strainer with fine holes, opt for a cast iron water kettle with a robust appearance. In summary, our Beka Cookware hot water kettles come in various styles and capacities. Simply filter your preferences and order with ease online.

Tips for choosing the right water kettle

Selecting a water kettle is easier when you have a clear vision of your requirements. Align your choice with your cookware and interior decor. Additionally, seek a kettle with an ergonomic and firm handle. All our Beka Cookware water kettles are easy to fill and clean. The stainless steel kettles are suitable for the dishwasher, making clean-up a breeze. They are known for efficient heat conduction and distribution, as well as a bottom resistant to corrosion stains. Whatever your choice, rest assured you're making a quality investment that will bring you years of pleasure.

Where to buy tea kettles

Boiling water for a cozy tea evening? Choose a stainless steel water kettle from our online shop and enjoy free shipping on orders over €50. If you place your order before 12:00 PM, you'll likely have it delivered the next working day. Plus, we offer an attractive warranty deal, and our customer support is always ready to assist. Feel free to leave us a message through the contact form.