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A celebration of light and good food: La Chandeleur

Just because the holiday period is over doesn’t mean candlelight and cosiness got stored away together with the Christmas tree. In France, Belgium and Swiss Romandy, La Chandeleur is celebrated to mark the official end of the Christmas period. During La Chandeleur (in other countries also celebrated as Pancake Tuesday) pancakes are the star of the show, but the French pancakes aren’t just for eating.
Gezelligheid en lekkere pannenkoeken tijdens Maria-Lichtmis

The round shape and golden hue of the pancakes are also said to symbolize sunshine, good luck and the approach of spring. Dive into the chubby batter and spend a cosy winter afternoon with your family, friends or kids and toss the tastiness up in the air.


Be the champion of the party with supreme pancake flipping and baking. To make sure that your crêpes don’t stick to the pan, look for a pan with a non-stick coating. A solid aluminium inside conducts the heat fast and evenly for a fully coloured flavoursome pancake. Wave those wrinkled misfires to the exit! Bye bye!


Turn up the cosy vibes with a comforting and warm herbal tea. With citrus fruit being at its best in the winter, a French classic like the orange tisane will be the perfect fit for your pancake feast. For 2 to 3 cups, bring half a litre of water to the boil in an authentic cast iron tea kettle. Add one orange cut in slices, the juice of one lemon and that of one orange. In addition to the citrus fruit, also place a stick of cinnamon, star anise and some cloves in the fine mesh basket of your tea kettle. Let the flavours blend for a few minutes while boiling. Turn off the heat, add honey to your own liking, leave to cool down and enjoy your precious Afternoon break.

Teakettle in cast iron

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