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Our Group

It all started in 1899, when two German industrialists with a culinary passion launched a partnership: Daniel Braun and Jakob Kemmler introduced the brand Beka in Betzingen. 120 years later, BEKA is part of a larger group specialised in cookware: Allinox.

Our Group


Although the BEKA brand was founded in 1899, it has only been part of its current group, Allinox, since 2000. The origin of the Allinox group lies in the Belgian company Alva, founded in 1949 by Albert Vandaele. Alva focused on the local production of aluminium cookware. After 40 years of producing cookware, Allinox was founded in the early nineties as a commercial entity for Alva. A few years later the creation of a stainless steel factory AXA was added to the Allinox group, making Allinox a true cookware specialist with a variety of materials and possibilities. The family business Allinox, with headquarters in Belgium, produces, stocks and distributes quality cookware all over the world.

In 2000, the Allinox Group bought the German 'BEKA' trademark. Allinox took over the German and French sales offices as well as the distribution warehouse in Wittisheim (France). Since then, Allinox has pursued the internationalisation of the Beka brand. Distributors are active in most European countries, as well as in Asia and the Middle East.
The head office of BEKA, together with the Allinox offices, is located in Belgium. In addition, BEKA Cookware has sales offices in France and Germany and distributors all over the world.

allinox distributiecentrum beka 2011
Logo Allinox Cookware

The Allinox group is proud to carry the BEKA and Kitchen Fun brand, where it aims to serve home chefs and amateur cooks with quality, durable and stylish products for a carefree cooking experience. But Allinox also serves the cookware market with numerous other activities. Since the beginning of this century it is also licensee of Brabantia Cookware. For years the group has been serving numerous private label brands around the world with its efficient way of combining multiple needs: research and development, category management, production, distribution, etc.


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