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Wok pans

You can stir-fry with noodles, rice, Asian-style or just add lots of vegetables. A good wok is always a tasty meal. Give your wok dishes maximum flavour by using the best wok. You are sure to find the right wok for you at BEKA.

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Buy the wok pan suited to your needs

Why use a wok instead of a frying pan? When comparing 'frying pan vs wok' or 'wok vs frying pan,' it's clear that a wok is different from a frying pan based on their unique shapes and suitability for specific cooking styles. A frying pan has a flat bottom and sloping sides, versatile for frying and various cooking methods. A wok, featuring high, sloping sides and a smaller bottom, excels in rapid stir-frying but also showcases its versatility in crafting delectable one-pan soy and curry dishes, flavourful ramen, and a variety of noodle- or rice-based creations.

If you're looking to buy a wok pan that best suits your needs, consider three essential factors: compatibility with your stove, the size of the pan, and maintenance based on the material of the pan.


BEKA wok pans: suitable for various cooktops

When choosing the perfect wok pan, it's essential to consider the type of cooktop you'll be using the pan on. No worries here, as BEKA understands the diversity of modern kitchens and offers pans compatible with different cooktops, including an induction wok pan. Our woks feature a flat bottom, ensuring compatibility with modern cooktops, a distinctive advantage over traditional wok pans. Whether you're cooking on halogen, electric, ceramic, or induction, BEKA has the best wok pan that seamlessly fits your cooking needs.

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Choose the right size of wok pan

Selecting the right size wok pan is crucial for an optimal wok experience in your kitchen. The ideal size depends on the number of people you're cooking for and the type of dishes you're preparing. For households of two people, a small wok pan ranging from 20 cm to 24 cm is generally sufficient, while a larger wok pan can be convenient for larger families or preparing larger quantities of meals.

Measure the diameter of the pan at the top of the wok. Looking for an induction pan wok? Also, consider the 'induction diameter' at the bottom of the pan to ensure that your wok pan induction perfectly matches the cooking zone you intend to use.

Materials: Explore the broad range of wok pans at BEKA

When considering materials for your wok pan, BEKA offers an extensive selection, each with its own advantages. The Nori collection features cast-iron wok pans known for excellent heat retention and even heat distribution. The Nomad collection presents carbon steel wok pans, ideal for quick heating and sustainable stir-frying thanks to the natural patina. The carbon steel wok pan from the Maestro collection, on the other hand, is already naturally seasoned during production, making it ready for use without the need for additional seasoning.

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The material of the wok frying pan not only influences durability but also thermal conductivity and the weight of the pan. Cast-iron wok pans have a robust construction that retains heat well, making them suitable for slow cooking and roasting. On the other hand, carbon steel wok pans, such as those from the Nomad and Maestro collections, are characterized by their lightness and quick heating, making them ideal for dynamic and intense cooking sessions.

While carbon steel wok pans offer convenience, they require specific maintenance. Before considering purchasing one, it's advisable to gather information about the seasoning process required for pure carbon steel pans. For detailed information on this, we invite you to check our blog, where you'll find everything you need to know about this essential process.


Choose the right wok pan for tasty results

Authentic wok cooking takes place at very high temperatures, where ingredients are quickly stir-fried. It's a fast cooking technique where food is tossed in the hot wok pan to ensure even cooking. Therefore, it's important to choose a wok pan that withstands high temperatures and heats up quickly, such as the carbon steel pans from the BEKA collections.


Additionally, traditional wok cooking is usually done without a lid. The open nature of the wok allows for quick stir-frying of ingredients and gives you control over the heat. Using a wok pan with lid can influence the temperature and affect the characteristic taste of the wok dish.

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Non stick wok pan: comfort and flavour combined

In addition to the mentioned materials, non stick wok pans offer an attractive option for lovers of easy wok dishes. Non-stick coatings, such as the famous PTFE (Teflon) or ceramic coating, create a smooth surface on which food is less likely to stick. This facilitates the stir-frying of delicate ingredients without them adhering to the pan.


It's important to handle non-stick wok pans with care to extend the lifespan of the coating. Avoid using metal kitchen utensils and opt for wooden or silicone spatulas. Handwashing is recommended to protect the non-stick coating from harsh detergents and high dishwasher temperatures.

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In Conclusion, when choosing the best wok pan for you, it's important to consider size, material, and possibly non-stick properties, depending on your cooking style. Explore BEKA's high-quality wok pans for a confident and flavorful wok experience in your own kitchen.