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The secret to a successful fondue party

Whether you like meat, fish, cheese or chocolate, fondue is always a festive event. But which fondue set should you use for the different types of fondue? Find out here. 

The secret to a successful fondue party

Fondue must be one of the most sociable meals ever invented! Who doesn't enjoy an evening of relaxing with good company while sizzling a piece of meat or dipping crusty French bread into meltingly creamy cheese? Fondue is also the perfect dessert if you have a sweet tooth. The thought of a piece of fruit dipped in delicious melted chocolate is enough to make your mouth water.

But there is one secret ingredient in every successful fondue evening: using the right set! Not all fondue sets are the same, and much depends on the material used. We have made a list of the different types for you:




A fondue pot made of earthenware or ceramic is the best choice if serving a cheese or chocolate fondue. A ceramic fondue pot reacts quickly to heat changes, but does not become too hot and therefore does not burn easily: this makes it the perfect choice for cheese and chocolate fondues.



Stainless steel


If you want to prepare meat in oil or fish in a broth, you will need heat. A stainless steel fondue set is recommended as it can withstand high temperatures and allows you to serve up cook perfectly cooked meat or fish.

Stay safe! The anti-spatter shield on this fondue set protects you from hot oil and broth, so be sure to keep it on your fondue pot when dipping into the heated contents.


Cast iron


Cast iron fondue sets are the most versatile. Thanks to their enamelled finish, they are ideal not only for meat fondues but also for cheese or chocolate fondues, once the splash guard has been removed.

The excellent heat conductivity of the cast iron warms up the pot evenly so that your chocolate or golden cheese melts uniformly. Moreover, cast iron retains heat for a long time, keeping your fondue warm for ages.



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