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Pancake pans

Pancakes, crepes, or blinis? You can make them all with a pancake pan from Beka Cookware! This special frying pan with low edges is perfect for cooking mouthwatering pancakes. Thanks to its slightly curved edges, flipping your pancakes in the air is a breeze. Moreover, a pancake or crepe pan is thinner than a standard pan, allowing it to heat up faster.

Does this excite you and your children? It's a great reason to find a suitable pancake pan for cooking the most delicious pancakes. Discover your new pancake pan at Beka Cookware!

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A Pancake Pan for Every Type of Stove

Are you looking for an induction pancake pan? The pancake pans from the Beka Cookware collection are not only suitable for gas and electric stoves but also compatible with an induction cooktop.
With a Beka pancake pan, you can even bake your pancakes in the oven. This ensures thick and fluffy pancakes – a tempting option when you've just woken up and crave fresh flapjacks, but prefer to enjoy your cup of coffee first.

beka energy pancakepan

Effortless Cooking with a Non-Stick Pancake Pan

Each pancake pan also boasts excellent non-stick properties. This means that every pancake glides smoothly from the pan to your plate. You can effortlessly organize the best pancake parties for your children without any worries. It's time to indulge!

Additionally, we offer pancake frying pans with a diameter ranging from 24 to 30 centimeters – perfect for cooking delicious pancakes in various sizes. Our lightweight pans also provide a comfortable grip, making it even more enjoyable to stand in the kitchen with your children and bake different types of pancakes. What's your favorite pancake?

Baking Pancakes? Easy and Fast with an aluminum Pancake Pan

Are you purchasing your new pancake pan from Beka Cookware? Then you have the choice between two types of aluminum: forged aluminum or cast aluminum. This ensures that the pan not only heats up quickly but also distributes heat optimally across the surface, thanks to its excellent heat conductivity. As a result, you shorten the cooking time, and everyone can enjoy delicious pancakes in no time.
Concerned about the possible presence of harmful chemicals? No worries! At Beka, you can choose pancake pans that are 100% PFAS-free. This way, you always cook your pancakes in a healthy manner. Does this knowledge make you happy? Quickly order your pancake pan from our online shop!

What is the Best Pancake Pan?


Are you looking for the best pancake pan to cook the most delicious pancakes, whether on induction, gas, or electric stoves? With a Beka Cookware pancake pan, you have a treasure in your hands.
All the ingredients are available to quickly serve a delightful stack of pancakes. With our convenient mixing bowl with a lid, you can easily and swiftly prepare the right batter. Our crepe pans heat up quickly, are pfas free, provide a comfortable grip, and feature a non-stick coating. What more could you ask for?

beka pro induc pancake pan

What to Consider When Buying a Pancake Pan?

Already planning your next pancake party? A good pan is essential! This type of pan is truly different from a standard frying pan, skillet or wok.
When choosing your pancake pan, always pay attention to the presence of a non-stick coating. After all, you don't want your pancakes to stick or have difficulty sliding out of the pan. When purchasing a pancake pan, also check the edges of the pan. Slanted and low edges make it easier to flip pancakes in the air or in the pan. Finally, opt for a lightweight pan that feels comfortable to hold – perfect for pancake cooking!